2006 Orders

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Public Employee Labor Relations Board Orders

Forms are in PDF format. If you do not already have the Adobe Reader you may download the latest version from the Adobe site.

Board Orders Issued Under PEBA II – 2006
1-PELRB-2006 Teamster’s Petition for Recognition
1A-PELRB-2006 In the Matter of Romero, et al., and CWA Local 7076 and In the Matter of Bruce Walker and Loretta Gonzales and State Employee Alliance-Communications Workers of America, Local 7076
2-PELRB-2006 Roybal v. CYFD
3-PELRB-2006 AFT v. Gadsden Independent Schools
4-PELRB-2006 UNM Approval of Local Labor Board Resolution
5-PELRB-2006 NEA Petition as Incumbent Labor Organization
6-PELRB-2006 UNMH and NUHHCE Dist.1199-Prior Cases Withdrawal
7-PELRB-2006 Petition for Recognition Filed by Federation of Teachers and Pecos Independent Schools